Contents of this Calculus 2 episode:

An important rule for products, The S2 integrating rule, Some quite tricks, Integrating a fractions by S2 integrating rule.

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Let's see an example of this.

Here comes another one.

And a third one.

Sometimes we have to invest some energy to get everything right.

Here is this one, for instance:

Let's start identifying:

It seems that we need a multiplier of 6 here.

So, we will multiply by 6 within the integral, and divide by 6 in front of it.

Let's see what else could possibly come.

We have to improve this a bit, and then voila! Finished.

And then we have this.

There are some quite tricky cases, too.

When fα is in the denominator, first we have to ask it to please come up from there,

and then we can use the formula.

Here is another one.

And here comes one more.

Finally, let's see some magic tricks.


Integrating uglier products - S2