Why was mathXplain created?

“The rain in Spain falls mathematically on the plain”. To show that, we need to teach math so that the students not only enjoy it, but also find everything incredibly clear.

Who would find mathXplain useful?

Not only Spaniards, but any college student taking math-related courses such as Linear Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, and Probability. That said, if you are taking AP math classes in high school, or simply interested in college level math work, you may find the site useful, too.

Why call it “mathXplain”?

It is “mathXplain”, not because we believe math is plain, but because math is plainly simple, and soon to be obviously fun. In fact we considered calling it “crystal math”, but thought we might send the wrong message.

Who created the materials?

Well duh, we did! We are a group of college professors who realized that math should be explained in a simple, clear and plain way, because then anybody could understand it.